Birth Name: Thomas Jakob Banning Jr

Birthday: July 24th

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Status: Alive

Tom banning is a man who is the brother of the late Michael banning and love interest of Diane Harper. He had recently returned to town. The next day he goes to look for lucky(his lost dog) with Diane where he finds him running in the woods and try to catch him but he isn't aware that Dinocroc is lurking nearby but Campbell saves them by shooting at it and discover dinocroc is growing. That night, tom and diane share a few drinks and laugh over a three legged dog running so fast. Later while he and diane make love, Micheal overhears them and sneaks out to find lucky where he gets killed by dinocroc. The next day after he hears his brother's death, he is devastated for not looking after him. The next day again he and the others devise a plan to get dinocroc trapped in a tunnel and gas him to death. Later when dinocroc is seemingly killed, Dick and Harper leave and tom and diane share a kiss. But when Puala Kennedy(a news reporter) is telling the reporter about the events, Dinocroc suddenly awakens and devours her whole and then starts chasing Tom and Diane. After trying to evade dinocroc by hiding in a truck, they hear a train and they both lure the creature into the tracks with tom using a blowtorch to distract it Until the train arrives. It is rammed by a passing train with tom stabbing it on the eye as revenge for the death of Micheal. The next day he and diane drive away for a vacation.

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